Tropic Hut's Concession Products:
Tropical Drinks, Smoothies, Coffee
and Snacks Of Unexpected Quality.

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Tropic Twister

This refreshing drink is like turbo-charged lemonade.  It's a lemon-limeade base mixed with pineapple and guava juice and a touch of mint for a delightful after-taste.

20 Ounces: $3.00

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Tropic Silkie

Our delicious frothy fruit drink is just too smooth to be called a smoothy, so we call it a Silkie! Real banana and strawberries are added to our Tropic Twister and poured into a blender with cream and a bit of brown sugar. The mixture is blended to a thick, frothy texture, poured into a cup and topped with whipped cream.

20 Ounces: $5.00
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How to make a Tropic Silkie--our most popular menu item:

Drop strawberries and banana
into 20 ounce cup.
Top off cup with Tropic Twister and ice.

Pour into blender with a bit
of cream and brown sugar.
Blend to a thick, frothy
texture.  Bzzrrrrzz.
Pour heavenly blended
drink back into cup.
Top with whipped cream.
Cover with domed lid and
present to ecstatic customer!


Coffee, Cocoa, Iced Coffee

We grind the beans fresh on site and only use premium Kona blend dark roast coffee. It's brewed strong and rich and immediately poured into Airpots to hold in the flavor and aroma.

Cocoa is made with Jarvis' own recipe, which includes real Ghirardelli chocolate. Our coffee and cocoa are really rich and flavorful!

16 Ounce Hot Coffee, Cocoa: $3.00
20 Ounce Iced Coffee: $3.00

Java Silkie

One hot day at CalNeva's Street Art Festival a customer wanted coffee. Since it was a hot day she wondered if we could serve iced coffee. Jarvis smacked himself on forehead. Of course! Not only could we offer iced coffee, but we have blenders. We could make coffee smoothies! Various recipes and flavors were tried until we reached our perfect Java Silkie. It's our dark roast coffee with a bit of brown sugar, milk, ice and the customer's choice of Plain, Caramel or Mocha flavor; blended and topped with whipped cream.

20 Ounces: $5.00



No powders or premixes here.  This is genuine, true brewed tea.

16 Ounces Hot:   $3.00
20 Ounces Iced:   $3.00

Large bananas are frozen right at their peak ripeness, then double dipped in rich chocolate sauce that hardens to a delightful shell.

Chocolate Dipped Banana: #3.00


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Pork & Pineapple
Tropic Kabob

Half a pound of succulent pork, marinaded in our own teriyaki sauce, skewered with chunks of pineapple and flash roasted to seal in the wonderful flavors.

Pork & Pineapple Kabob: $4.00
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Beef & Onion
Tropic Kabob

Half a pound of tender beef, marinaded in our own teriyaki sauce, skewered with slices of onion and flash roasted to seal in the wonderful flavors.

Beef & Onion Kabob: $4.00
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[Please note: Tropic Kabobs are optional food items we offer only when ample space and electrical power are available.]