Tropic Hut Concession
Tropic Hut CAFE!
March 28, 2014

For years folks have been asking us, "Do you
have a permanent location we can come to?"
And for years we had to answer, "No, not yet."
Now we have a bona fide cafe!

Here are Mandie and Sherri, daughter and mother, who bought this cafe themselves about fourteen months earlier and named it Comfort Deli & Bakery.  They were making a fairly good go at the business, but it just wasn't what they had hoped it would be.  They were exhausted and burned out.

In February of 2014 they decided to move on to other things. Mandie put an ad in Craigslist. Jarvis had been following "Business For Sale" listings in Craigslist for several months by then. He saw Mandie's ad on Tuesday, February 11, and went straight over to take a look at the place.

The respective situations for Buyer and Seller were almost perfectly matched. Jarvis and Mandie met a couple more times, researched each other's info and negotiated until a deal was reached. They met at Wells Fargo to sign papers with a Notary on Thursday, March 6.
Here are Mandie and Sherri again in the "How we really feel" photo. There may be days down the road when they miss the business. But today, on their last day of running the place, the gals can hardly wait to get outta there!
Carol Ewing, Operator of this location through the Business Enterprise Of Nevada Program, is usually all business. She suurprised everybody by showing us she has a sense of humor,too, when she broke into a Can-Can Girl dance routine with Mandie and Sherri.
The new crew that takes over after today: Colleene (Jarvis' unofficial partner), Amanda (the first official employee) and Jarvis.
Oh yeah, we bad!
And this is our "How we really feel" photo.  OMG! What have we got ourselves into?
Carol welcomes Jarvis to the Business Enterprise Of Nevada Program. This is part of a nation-wide program instigated in the 1930s to benefit blind people.

Carol is legally blind and well into her 70s, but neither of those factors seems to slow her down one bit.
The final moment. It's a little hard to see in the photo, but Mandie is handing Jarvis a set of keys as he hands her a check.
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