Tropic Hut Returns To
Reno Rockabilly Riot, June 14 - 16, 2013

We're back for our third year of this event, and three is how many years the event has existed.  Yessir, Tropic Hut has been there from the very beginning.  Check back to 2011 and you'll see it was at this event our poor stand took the worst damage it has ever suffered from wind.  Jarvis learned well.  When you do an event at Grand Sierra, be prepared for lots of lousy winds.  That's why the Tropic Hut tent is securely strapped to the heavy, well anchored tent behind it.
A big reason for the success of the Rockabilly craze is how it appeals to both sexes.  The fellas get to play with hot rods and the girls get to play dress up.  Yes, I did say the girls play dress up.  If you think that's sexist, you haven't been to a Rockabilly event!  The "Pin Up" girl phenom is so popular, there are photography studios devoted specifically to the style.  Two such photographers had booths at this year's Reno Rockabilly Riot.
The Pin Up girl craze is also popular enough to have spawned many shops around the country that cater to the style.  There is a fashion magazine called "Rabid," represented at Reno Rockabilly Riot by these hotties.
Here's one element of Rockabilly I don't get.  Almost all the hot rods look like this; junky old cars with shiny new engines.  First few cars I saw like this I thought some guys just hadn't finished their rebuild projects.  But no...
Almost all the cars look like this, and they return year after year.  Can someone tell me what's cool about a rust bucket with a souped up engine?
I mean, come on, guys.  These cars can't even be driven.  Some have no seats or floors inside.  Even if this car did have seats, one good rev on that engine would break the whole car apart!

I dig Rockabilly music, and Pin Up girls are fun to watch, but I just don't get rusty old cars with shiny new engines.
Wowsah!  This dazzling redhead sashayed past Tropic Hut and I couldn't help blurting out, "Oh my gosh, it's Lucy herself!"  She turned around, batted two of the biggest eyes you've ever seen and said through a million dollar smile, "Just so happens my name really is Lucy!"
Meet Miss Luci von Rose.  This is what I call a Pin Up Girl.  Forgive me for being old fashioned, but the chicks covered with tattoos and body piercings, wearing torn fishnet hose and trampy outfits two sizes too small don't do it for me.

Miss Luci here is a professional Pin Up Model. She proudly does her own hair, makeup, wardrobe and props.  To learn more about Miss Luci von Rose, visit her page on FaceBook.
Oh yeah, and it doesn't hurt that Miss Luci has the curves to go with those big eyes, dazzling smile and radiant red hair!
You may notice the signs for Texas Street Tacos are similar to the other stand further down.  That's because both stands are owned by one family, and the whole family came out to help.  They must have had eight or ten folks, young and old, working those two stands!
This is a very impressive traveling barbecue stand.  The business is based out of a restaurant in Virginia City.  When I see rigs like this one I don't feel so bad about how big Tropic Hut's set up has become!