Tropic Hut Returns To Run-A-Mucca!

May 28-30, 2010

It had been four years almost to the day since we were here last. The sights, sounds and smells (burning rubber and exhaust fumes, mmmmm) of the festival were all the same. What had changed dramatically since 2006 was the Tropic Hut stand; new theme, new products, new equipment and all new signage. The redesigned traveling concession is a smash success!
I didn't take a lot of pictures this trip, but I did get plenty of video. Check out the different skills and risks involve with motorcycle stunt jumping as opposed to trick riding. I even happened to capture a stunt jumper wipe-out! Don't worry, no one was hurt or I wouldn't think the wipe-out was cool.

The stunt jumpers are a big reason people come to Run-A-Mucca. This year was no disappointment.

Stunt Jumpers Movie

Woohoo! Check out the new and improved Tropic Hut stand!

Tropic Hut Stand Movie

More stunt jumping, and this time I captured a wipe-out. Don't worry--only the rider's pride was hurt.

More Stunt Jumpers Movie

Enough with the kids on MotoCross bikes. Let's see some old school riding tricks on Harleys.

Trick Riders Movie

Tropic Hut was located right by the main stage. I shot this video without even leaving the tent!

Burning Bike Movie