Tropic Hut at Tahoe Arts Festival

July 7-8, 2006, CalNeva Resort at Crystal Bay, CA


General Activity at
the Festival (8 Mb)

Our new Tropic Silkie is
Clown Approved! (3.7 Mb)

20060707aTAF-DayBefore.JPG Friday, July 7, the day before event starts.  Each artist's mural space is marked on the pavement of the CalNeva Resort parking lot.
Tropic Hut stand is all loaded in and ready for the event to start!

That's Roxanne, one of the artists, standing next to our tent.  She was the only artist who actually began work on her mural on the day before the event even started.  Photos of her mural are further down.
Saturday, July 8, first day of event.  Tropic Hut is open for business!
Within hours on the starting day artists were transforming the pavement into a gallery of murals.
Sunday afternoon, July 9, second day of event.

It so happened that the mural directly in front of our stand won first place in the large mural (12' X 12') category.
20060709bWinningMural.JPG The artist who drew this winning mural is a real pro.  This was the fourth year in a row that he won first place in the difficult 12' X 12' category.  He didn't even start on this piece until around noon on Sunday, just hours before the 4 PM judging deadline.  When you're this skilled you don't have to get started early!
This handsome tribute to firefighters won the Best In Show award.
20060709cWolfMural.JPG The next few murals that may not have won awards but certainly deserve honorable mentions.
20060709jTAF-FromNorth.JPG Amazing how this parking lot was transformed in just two days.
Parking lot murals weren't the only things being painted.  Squeaky the clown also did face painting and...KNEE painting!
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves from sketch to full color drawing.
Since Roxanne's mural was right next to the Tropic Hut stand
we got to follow her progress from start to finish.
20060707cSnowWhite.JPG 20060708aSnowWhite.JPG
20060708gSnowWhite.JPG 20060709dSnowWhite.JPG

It was at the Tahoe Arts Festival that we first introduced our Tropic Silkie blended fruit drink.  You can imagine how pleased Jarvis was that the drink was a huge success!
Our new Tropic Silkie is even clown approved!  Doc-O gives it an enthusiastic thumb up and...
...Squeaky says the new Tropic Silkie is A-Okay!
Thanks to Ruth Schnabel for putting it all together and thanks to all the artists,
musicians and participants for a very fun and successful Tahoe Arts Festival!