Tropic Hut At Run-A-Mucca Motorcycle Festival

May 26-28, 2006


Here are a couple videos of Run-A-Mucca Highlights.

Motorcross Free Style
Jump Team (5.3 Mb)

"Burning Bike" Ceremony
(10.4 Mb)

A highlight of the Run-A-Mucca Festival is the MotorCross Free Style Jump Team.  These high flying riders are insane!
With each jump these riders reach heights exceeding 35 feet.

And with each jump these riders travel a distance of 75 feet.
Reaching heights over 35 feet and traveling a distance of 75 feet, each jump these trick riders do is the equivalent of jumping over a two story house!

The "Seat Grab" trick.  I hate to imagine what happens if his hands miss grabbing the seat!






The band Iron Horse put on a great show with their blend of country-rock tunes.
That's not just a bonfire.  In the middle of the flames is a motorcycle!  Run-A-Mucca is not to be outdone by the "Burning Man" festival when for great spectacle.


These hard core fans got right in close to the Burning Bike, so they could be showered with sparks and hot ash from the big fire.  What a rush.

Back at the concession stand--Jarvis hands out tasty snacks to hungry festival participants.

I'm not sure what caught this girl's attention, but it obviously wasn't important enough to interrupt the munching on yummy food from our stand!

That's me, Jarvis, saying "Howdy!" from inside the earliest version of my food booth at Run-A-Mucca.  We've made vast improvements to the stand since those early days.
One thing I learned is to set the tent up higher so I don't bump my head on the lights!
Notice that everyone is wearing coats.  Even over Memorial Weekend, it was pretty cold in Winnemucca for the 2006 Run-A-Mucca Motorcycle Festival.
  In spite of the rain and cold temperatures it was still a great festival.
Thanks to the organizers and participants who made Run-A-Mucca 2006
a great event!