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Tropic Hut Cafe is a deli, coffee shop, bakery and convenience store all rolled into one location at the Washoe County Administrative Complex. We offer top quality brewed coffees and espresso drinks, delicious sandwiches, fun snacks and home baked giant cookies and brownies.

Tropic Hut started out as a traveling concession, bringing our delicious tropical drinks, genuine real fruit smoothies (we call them Silkies), premium coffee and tasty snacks to fairs and festivals all over the country. In February of 2014 we discovered a cafe location for sale. It was just right for us, so we bought the place and started Tropic Hut Cafe on April 1st, 2014. Yep, we started the cafe location on April Fools Day!

The pages in this web site tell all about our products, what we're up to and where we've been. The "Pictures" pages are loaded with photos and videos from outstanding events we've attended and fun activities at the cafe. You'll find plenty of interesting and amusing stuff in here, so go ahead and click some links!

September, 2015: Tropic Hut Cafe Forced To Close So That State Of Nevada Can Give Lease To Handicapped Person

You read that headline correctly. After eighteen months of working 70 hours a week and pouring everything I had into this business, the foul scumbags of government pulled the rug out from under me - in the name of helping people.

My cafe was in a county building, which means the food service facility was overseen by the so-called Business Enterprise of Nevada. There is absolutely nothing "business" like nor "enterprising" about Business Enterprise of Nevada. It's a sham run by over-paid, incompetent buffoons who were obviously hired to meet some "diversity" goal for government employee statistics.

When I first took interest in buying this cafe, I could hardly believe how clueless the people were who ran this little corner of Nevada State government. They didn't even know what it meant when I proposed the lease needed a Guaranteed Option To Renew. I explained a business needs the guaranteed option so that a landlord - in this case the vermin of state government - could not just yank a lease, thus killing the business. They assured me so long as I paid my rent and didn't do anything illegal, there would be no problem with me keeping the cafe as long as I wished.

This was a bald faced lie. They fully intended to re-assign the lease to a disabled person as soon as such a person could be found who wanted to run a cafe.

Drazen Elez is the obscenely over-paid director of The BEN Program (Business Enterprise Of Nevada). Every time he showed up at my cafe he demonstrated extreme arrogance and utter contempt for anyone he considered to be beneath him. The BEN Program wastes money like the worst of government agencies, yet Drazen had the nerve to try to tell me how to run my business, and everything he suggested was beyond stupid. Besides, since he is Syrian it's almost impossible to understand anything he says. I'm sure Drazen, that pathetic example of your tax dollars going to waste, knew I had no respect for him, and that's part of the reason he abused his position to force me out.

I had turned that facility into a better cafe than it had been under any previous owner, ever. That's not a boast or an exaggeration; it's what dozens of my customers told me time after time. I gave the cafe a theme, atmosphere, installed a music system and created a fantastic menu that was exceedingly successful. So-called "Business Enterprise of Nevada" destroyed the best business run by the most enterprising owner ever to occupy that location.

This is why business owners have learned to detest government. A government agency with the astonishing name of "Business Enterprise Of Nevada" intentionally and with malice mutilated a successful venture.

Never trust government.


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